Top Three Flickr Alternatives - not yet

Well to be honest i've not found three good alternatives to flickr yet ... but i'm still looking. So for me ... the top three are ...

1. Flickr - still the original and best, it's a great service and very hard to fault ... but Flickr will have to keep on it's toes. The only disappointment is that you have to pay to get unlimited space.

2. DivShare - only just found this, but i like what they're doing. Not only does it offer unlimited storage it handles your pics, videos and documents too. There's some neat little plugins to put your content onto blogs etc and the icing on the cake ... there's no charge.

3. Uber - like DivShare but more web 2.0 ... Uber also offers much more than just storage of pictures. It's a cross between web site, social network and library. Again there are some neat plugins for sharing content ... all this and unlimited space ... totally free.

Lastly, i just wanted to mention a really useful application for bulk downloads from flickr ... flickrdown ... simple to use and works well. Great if you do decide to move your precious pictures.