The Internet[s] The Annual - blatant plug

Ok so a friend of mine has a Facebook page and a book ... The Internet[s] The Annual ... this is a blatant plug for it - check it out next tea break :)


Some stories really seem to grab you, and this guy really knows how to tell one. Amazing strength and determination.

Part two here.

Wonderputt - definitely above par

Just got time for a quick round or two ... Wonderputt ... a great variation on the golfing scene.

Chrome Experiments - lose a day!

It's not new ... but there are so many cool ideas and effects here you could lose a day ... Chrome Experiments ... i did warn you!

PeaZip - unzip them all

Useful, free and a tiny little app ... PeaZip ... will un-compress almost any file.

Google URL Shortener - mini me

If like me you missed it, Google now has a nice little url shortener ... ... a handy tool.

The Sandpit - New York tiltshift video

Tiltshift photography makes the world look like a model toy ... The Sandpit ... uses the same trick but with a very cool video of New York.

SketchChair - please be seated

I love ideas like this ... SketchChair ... provides free software to create your own flat pack seating. Highly commended work.

Solipskier - downhill all the way (game)

Now & then a game likes to break the rules ... Solipskier ... certainly does that. And I think it works ...  race down hill as you draw the mountain, cool music too.

Scale - things that make you go hmmm

What's the smallest thing you know, how big is the Universe? Just maybe ... Scale ... from PrimaxStudio can help. Very simple, very cool.