Guitar Hero - Top ten free alternatives

Attention gods of rock! We've all enjoyed rockin' out to the brilliant game ... Guitar Hero ... right? But what free alternatives are out there ... here is my top ten ... so let's rock 'n' roll ...

01. UpBeat ... number one and simply the best, all the features are here. Several tracks and simple controls ... it just works, rock it!

02. Frets On Fire ... great name, great game ... scores highly but is knocked off the number one slot 'cause it's a download, sorry boys ... this gig's live!

03. Tenacious D (devil may fry) ... yes my hard rockin' amigos, the D is at number three ... with some very cool licks.

04. Amped Up ... all Canadians go to rock school, it's the law. Nice extras here ... web cam, and characters etc ... maybe too easy.

05. Jogos Guitar Hero ... a pretty sweet set up ... but dudes it's all in Portuguese. Not the language of rock but close.

06. Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Delux 2 ... too much name ... not enough game.

07. Flute Hero ... Jethro Tull it is not ... points for originality but ultimately it blows ;-)

08. Accordion Hero ... hmmm i think these guys miss-understood the question, worth a squeeze though.

09. Klax ... not Guitar Hero but i think this might have been part of the inspiration right?

10. Be a real hero ... learn to play a real guitar and become a rock legend yeaaaa!